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The Quieter Side Of Borderline Personality Disorder

Trauma is extremely complex and the ways it affects our mind, our body, and our spirit, can be extremely complex as well. At the moment trauma occurs in our life, we cannot immediately imagine the multitude of ways our trauma will manifest and the complexity of our survival mechanisms from then on forward. Borderline personality disorder is one of the more accurate depictions of this complexity as a manifestation of trauma. The complicated personality disorder is multilayered, without boundaries, and rooted, professionals believe, in complex childhood trauma.

Borderline is known most often for erratic, irrational, attention-seeking behavior which damages, punishes, and pushes others away. All of someone with borderline’s actions, behaviors, and reactions are an effort to soothe the insatiable insecurity created by an unending fear of abandonment. Not all of someone with borderline’s behaviors will be outlandish and scandalous. Very often, borderline personality behaviors can be subtle, slight, and quiet.

Rather than acting out against other people to try and satisfy their emotional turmoil, someone with “quiet” borderline will internalize their emotions and act against themselves. Instead of releasing their emotions as the responsibility of others, someone with borderline will keep their complex emotional reactions to themselves. Even when they experience mood swings, self-harm, extreme thinking, and other typically externally acting responses, these individuals keep to themselves and hide their struggle from everyone else.

Many of these quiet responses are thought processes which are hurtful and harmful. Since shame is associated with each of someone with borderline’s emotional responses, each time presents a downward spiral of shame, worsening the emotions as they go. Responses range from everyday experiences of anxiety, depression, blame, criticism, and more. As the emotions gain fuel and fire through a spiral of shame, the responses worsen. Internal rage, suicidal thinking, self-sabotage, and more can take place.

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