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There are many different therapeutic methods that a therapist may use to help open up dialogue and get to know you better. Understanding themes in your life can be helpful in understanding your actions, reactions, and behaviors better. One method that can be used or explored is called early recollections. This concept is part of Adlerian Psychology, which was formed by a man named Alfred Adler. 

What Is It?

Early recollections is an Adlerian Psychology term and is the process of collecting early memories. The goal is to think back to your very earliest of memories, generally, before the age of ten is recommended. These memories are then examined by you and the therapist, in which certain themes or patterns can oftentimes be pulled out. The key is to choose the earliest memories you have. They should not be stories told to you by others, they need to be actual moments you have experienced and remembered. 

How Can It Help?

By examining these early recollections, it can theoretically help with self-understanding and making behavioral changes. If we can understand why we think the way we do or why we behave the way we do, it can help us learn to change for the better. Oftentimes we fail to connect the themes of our past or childhood on our own. A professional can help us to step outside those memories and understand them more clearly and objectively. If you are struggling with mental health issues or addiction, you may think your childhood has no connection or no direct impact on what you are going through currently. However, childhood can be a very formative time in our lives, and sometimes we do not realize how connected our childhood is to our current struggles until a professional helps us to better understand. 

Utilizing early recollections can be a helpful technique to dive further into our pasts. The process of analyzing our earliest memories can be eye-opening. It is common to not realize how our childhood is very connected to the current struggles we may be experiencing. Alfred Adler created Adlerian Psychology and essentially the concept of early recollections. Adler stressed that the role of the therapist is to help the client realize they have always had the skills to solve their own problems. By working with a professional you can better understand your own actions and behaviors. At The Guest House, we are ready to help you through your discovery journey. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.