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Connecting with those around us is very important to our mental well-being. We need to feel as if we belong to a group, that we are equal to those around us, and that we matter. If you find yourself struggling with addiction or mental health problems, you may find that it is hard to connect with people. Maybe you feel scared that people will judge you or that you will have to explain your past to new friends. Putting yourself out there can be scary and intimidating. You may even wonder if you are really connecting to people. Here are a few tips to try to determine if you are, in fact, connecting with those around you. 

You Are In the Moment

When you are really connected to those around you, you will find that you are “in the moment.” You are not necessarily thinking about your past, or even future, struggles. You are present in the conversation or the activity that is happening. 

You Are Being Yourself

Feeling free to be yourself is an amazing feeling. If you are connected to the person you are with there is a good chance you will feel comfortable enough to open up and be yourself. 

A Sense of Trust Forms

A really important aspect of creating a good support group is the feeling of trust. If there is no trust between you and that person, how can you possibly let them support you when you need them most? If you are really connected, you will probably feel a sense of trust. You will feel as if you can tell them about your struggles, what you went through, and any future concerns you have. They should be able to support you through the struggles and help you worry less about the future. 

Feeling connected to others is a really important part of our mental well-being. Feeling like you have a solid support system in place can help you through struggles and dark days. They are the people who you rely on to pull you through and help you get to the other side on days when you think you cannot make it. There are many clues that you can look for when trying to decide if you are connecting with someone. You should find that you are being fully in the moment, that you are being yourself, and you may see a sense of trust begin to form. However, for some this ability to connect will be a challenge. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you work through those challenges and help you to build a healthy, strong support system. Give us a call today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.