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When you need a quick hit of inspiration, try one of these two exercises to refresh your outlook on life and get back into the groove.

Change your story:What if you weren’t all of the things your brain has been telling you that you are? What if you could simply rewrite the story in your thoughts to the story that is in your heart, or your soul? Your story belongs to you, now, in this moment. Carl Jung put it best when he said, “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” Your story is not defined or doomed by your traumatic past. The story of your life begins when you start to tell it. The events that happen to us in our lifetimes are parts of our story, not our entire story. Seek treatment, talk to a friend, schedule an appointment with a therapist, read something inspirational and start your story anew. Every day is a new opportunity to fill in the blank pages of your life.

Find your feet on the floor:

When you’re feeling insecure, it can be challenging to feel anything other than present. Getting “grounded” is an important practice in learning how to feel safe, secure, and fully grounded in the present moment. Start by mindfully focusing on your feet touching the floor. As you become more aware of the ground, start to roll your feet around on the edges, moving each part of the edge of your feet, heel, and toes along the ground, rotating over and over. Keep breathing deep breaths as your rotate your feet. On your next exhale, firmly plant your feet onto the ground, wiggling your toes, stepping up on the balls of your feet, rolling back onto your heels, then planting down. Take a deep breath in and imagine roots coming out of your feet and growing into the ground. At once, these roots come out of the ground and out of your feet. Relax the rest of your body and realize the simple truths of this exact moment: you are here, you are part of nature, and you are loved. Grounding is an incredibly important practice for developing a connection to the present moment. Becoming grounded in the present moment has a magical way of erasing all of the critical and negative thoughts caused by low self-esteem.

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