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Understanding Our Life Cycles

When we begin to explore our life stories in more depth, we start to discover the cycles and patterns we’ve been perpetuating over the years, many of them unconsciously. Our mental health issues tend to affect us in cycles. For example, our depressions can be recurring and can follow certain patterns that we begin to understand more as we heal. We might have repeating life issues, habits and routines that are contributing to our depressions. We might suffer from bipolar depression, where we experience cycles of mania and then depressive episodes. We might have relationship cycles where we’re constantly attracting and choosing the same kinds of partnerships and then experiencing similar depressions and breakdowns when the relationships end.

Similarly, our addictions can operate in cycles and patterns as well. We might have months of abstinence from our drug of choice, celibacy from sex, or zero gambling or overeating, only to then have months of binges where we’re going on days- or weeks-long benders. Our recurring cycles can be painful, and for years we might not know what’s going on with us, why we’re in so much pain, why certain things keep happening to us. We might be filled with confusion and feel totally overwhelmed and lost trying to make sense of it all. As we recover, though, we get more insight on our unique life experiences. We hear other people’s stories that remind us of our own. We get pieces of wisdom and guidance that resonate with us. We might receive a mental health diagnosis that helps us understand our various phases and episodes. We might get professional help with our addictions, letting us benefit from the expertise and experience of people that have helped others recover from similar illnesses.

The more we understand our life cycles, the more we develop compassion, understanding and forgiveness for ourselves. We stop seeing ourselves as these shameful, out of control people, and start recognizing that we’ve been struggling with mental illnesses and addictions so severe they take people’s lives every single day. Instead of being ashamed of ourselves and all of our mistakes and regrets, we can be proud of ourselves for fighting to survive. We can start to remind ourselves on a regular basis that we are strong and brave, and that our painful recurring life cycles can end now, with our awareness and our commitment to ourselves.

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