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An addiction to cocaine is a very serious thing. Being able to understand and recognize warning signs not only in others but within yourself can mean the difference between getting the help needed early versus getting it late. For some people, receiving treatment early on in the addiction means an easier journey to recovery. Recognizing an addiction to cocaine can be difficult because everyone can display different warning signs. How one person displays an addiction to cocaine may look very different from how another person displays addiction. However, there are general warning signs that can be looked for when trying to determine if someone may have an addiction to cocaine. 


Cocaine can cause severe damage to the membranes of the nose. Nosebleeds, sniffing, wiping, and blowing are all very common symptoms of cocaine abuse. Often individuals will blame these symptoms on sinus issues, such as allergies or colds. 


The human body can only stay awake so long before it begins to shut down. When the high begins to come down you may notice that the person is insistent on needing sleep to recover from staying awake for long periods of time. 


Those suffering from addiction tend to become very isolated. A person’s whole life becomes their addiction. Every moment is lost in thought about when their next high will be, where it will be, or who it will be with. Other areas of life often get forgotten or abandoned. 

Money Problems

Cocaine addiction is not cheap. Bills may begin to pile up as money is being spent to purchase the drug. You may notice the money is no longer being spent on things that were once enjoyed for fun. If children are in the home, you may notice less and less money is being appropriately spent on them. A person suffering from an addiction may also start to sell their belongings to make some quick cash. 

An addiction to cocaine can be a very serious problem. Early detection of the problem can yield an easier recovery. For that reason, knowing some general warning signs to look for in yourself or others can be a helpful thing. You may notice nosebleeds or other sinus problems, extreme tiredness, increasing isolation, and money problems. If you think you or a loved one has formed an addiction, reaching out for help is a great first step to recovery. At The Guest House, we are ready to take your call and help you through each step of your recovery journey. Call today to learn more about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.