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If you are dealing with trauma and addiction, you can probably be incredibly sensitive. All you have already had to endure when dealing with difficult people may be baffling to you. Having to walk around on eggshells trying to keep any confrontation at bay could be the very thing to lead you to drink and use drugs. Dealing with difficult people, however, is manageable. You just need some tools to help you navigate their negativity. 


Shower them with kindness

Be an example for them that kindness still prevails amidst all the chaos of the world. Even if they are irritated with your compassion, you are still breaking barriers by showing them another way. Challenging people may not receive any kindness because others make a point to steer clear of them. You may be the only kindness they receive, so make it count. 


Treat them the way you want to be treated

You may have learned the Golden Rule as a kid, but it is never too late to implement this suggestion as an adult. Putting out into the universe what you expect back is a powerful concept, so throw out some positivity to offset their rigidity. You will be pleased with your efforts and reap the benefits. 


Avoid them when you can

Obviously, co-workers, friends, and even family members are people you have to coexist with. What you need to know is that you can limit the time you spend with them and set boundaries to keep your recovery intact. You are who you surround yourself with. If those people are toxic, you could pick up some of their behaviors without even realizing it. 


Debrief yourself after the encounter

After a situation occurs with a problematic person, see how you feel. Call someone if you are startled or shaken to help you process your experience. You may only come to a conclusion that “it’s not me, it’s them.” You can still learn from the situation even if it is seeing how you do not want to treat others going forward. 


Your recovery is your main priority. Making sure that a difficult person does not disrupt your efforts is crucial. Use your recovery tools to your advantage in this scenario, and you will be able to build excellent communication skills and bring greater confidence to your relationships. 


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