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What Are Our Unhealthy Emotional Responses?

The ways in which we respond emotionally to things determines whether we can heal from them or whether we continue to create more pain for ourselves. Some of our emotional responses are unhealthy, toxic and destructive. We end up creating more turmoil for ourselves and more issues we need to heal from. What are some of our unhealthy emotional responses?

One of the most common emotional responses is suppression. We suppress our difficult emotions because we’re afraid to face them. We’re afraid to feel our pain, our sadness, fear and shame. We bury our innermost thoughts and feelings in the hopes that avoiding them will somehow make them go away. Our avoidance has the opposite effect, however. The more we suppress difficult emotions, the longer they stay with us and the worse they get. They fester and become even more complex, creating layers of toxicity we need to wade through in order to find peace.

The same is true for denial. We tend to want to believe that our pain doesn’t exist because it’s easier than facing the truth. We think that if we pretend it isn’t there, it will subside on its own. We deny that we struggle with addiction, both to ourselves and other people. We deny that we suffer from mental health issues. Our denial forces us to pretend as if everything is fine, to put on a brave face and be silent about our difficulties. We often have the world fooled. No one knows just how much we’re suffering. We might proceed with our lives as if nothing is wrong. We might be able to lead fully functioning lives, with no signs of trouble. Our denial catches up to us, though. The longer we deny how we feel, the more intense and destructive our feelings become, until we’re left with problems that feel insurmountable.

Our unhealthy emotional responses contribute to our addictive patterns and our mental health issues. Our suppression, avoidance and denial are forms of escapism. We try to distract ourselves from our pain with our drugs of choice. When we examine our patterns closely and honestly, we’re able to confront ourselves and start doing the work to change our emotional habits.

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