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What Are Some Warning Signs of a Breakdown?

If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

When living with addiction and mental illness, a common and very painful occurrence for many of us are the traumatic breakdowns we experience. We break down mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We feel as though we can no longer be alive or withstand so much pain. Our lives become unrecognizable to us, and we feel totally disconnected from ourselves. Our pain feels intolerable and our emotions unbearable. In the moment we might not know what it is we’re experiencing, especially if it’s our first time going through it. We might not understand why we’re feeling such acute distress and anguish. We might not have a label for it or the words to define or express it. We’re confused and overwhelmed, perplexed as to what’s going on within us. What are some signs we’re experiencing a breakdown?

When we’re on the verge of a breakdown, we may feel a sharp increase in our stress levels, in our anxiety, our worry and our panic. We might struggle with obsessive thoughts that trouble us, that we feel haunted and consumed by. We can feel like we’re going crazy and losing our minds. Our thoughts might race and feel all over the place and totally out of our control. We might hyperventilate and feel our heartrates accelerate, unable to calm ourselves down. We might be in so much internal agony that we contemplate suicide just to relieve ourselves of it. We might think there’s no way we can possibly continue living with so much pain. We might experience intense mood swings and emotional responses we don’t understand. We might be increasingly more reactive, volatile and hostile. We may have crying fits or angry outbursts. We might self-harm or lash out at the people in our lives.

A breakdown can totally impair our ability to function normally. We might start feeling as though our regular routines, duties and obligations are suddenly so overwhelming they’re impossible to keep up with. Our lives can feel unmanageable, and we feel unable to keep up with our lives as they were. We might find ourselves unable to sleep. We might lose our appetite. We might cease communication with other people. We might isolate ourselves and sever our relationships.

Breakdowns are painful and feel catastrophic. It can feel as though we’ll never be able to come back from them or recover from them. They are, however, our mind, our body and our spirit’s way of telling us that changes need to be made, that we have to make important shifts in our lives, and that we have to finally make our well-being our top priority.

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