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To a newcomer, the idea of life without drugs and alcohol is baffling. If you attend 12-Step meetings, you’ll notice how happy people are, and question whether or not they’re sober. How on earth could anyone go 6 months, a year, or many years without a drink or a drug? They must be lying, right? No, that’s just what recovery does—it gives you a second chance to live, and when you learn how to really live, your happiness radiates.

Recovery isn’t something we do alone. In fact, we can’t do it alone. Fellowship is a key part of getting and staying well, and forming friendships in recovery is just an added bonus. These people are our tribe, and getting together with them to do things we absolutely couldn’t when we were in active addiction, is priceless. Normies don’t fully understand where we’ve been and what it feels like to have the disease of addiction, but our friends in recovery do, and that’s something to hold onto.

When you were drunk or high, did you go skydiving or hiking, or meet your friends for an afternoon coffee at your favorite shop overlooking the ocean? You probably didn’t go on any road trips, or plan a backpacking excursion in another country. You may not have even made it to the grocery store. Recovery doesn’t mean we stop doing things, it means we start doing things we never could.

Recovery also gives us the opportunity to be responsible for ourselves. Which means, we can hold down jobs and pay our bills. We’re able to take someone out on a date, meet friends for dinner, go to the movies, and go snowboarding in the winter. For those of us who got in trouble with the law, we are now able to pay our court fines and comply with the judge’s orders. Recovery gifts us with the ability to do everything we are supposed to do, and more.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous describes recovery as being “rocketed” into the “fourth dimension”. People in recovery around the world share the experience of their dark and painful past, as well as the unique journey of getting and staying sober. Everything you do in recovery is part of a greater collective contributing to sobriety world wide.

If you want to get sober, but can’t seem to stop drinking or using, we can help. Call the Guest House Ocala today, to begin a new life in recovery, tomorrow. Addiction robs us of so many opportunities to live and enjoy our lives, but sobriety lets us make up for lost time. If you’re ready to change your life, we can help. Our treatment approach is designed to begin the healing process from the inside-out, so that you can learn how to live your life free from addiction. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at 1-855-483-7800. You can recover, and you can have a life you never thought possible. Call us today.