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What if you could be your own personal cheerleader? What if you could be your own personal life coach, that motivational person who takes your perspective and flips it upside down? What if you could take the words in your mind, that critical, negative narrative voice, and change it to a loving, supportive, encouraging, positive voice? It is common for those who have experienced trauma in their lives to adopt a negative voice in their minds. Their sense of the world, themselves, and their place in the world has been greatly altered. Recovery from traumas and any subsequent addictions or related mental health issues includes learning how to reprogram the brain to see the world differently once more, this time in a more positive light.

Journaling or narrative therapy helps with this process. Research has found that just 15 minutes of raw, emotional, vulnerable journaling a day can significantly improve mood and reduce the effect of events in the past. Writing is a safe way to authentically communicate everything that is going on in your mind. You can write how you truly feel, even if you think you shouldn’t feel that way. When you are writing in a private journal, you do not have to impress anyone. You can write even your most dark thoughts and confessions without judgment.

Writing therapy helps you look at those thoughts and create a new story. Part of the reason we struggle to create a new perspective is because we do not accept the perspective we have. Ignoring our authentic thoughts and feelings punishes and negates a very deep part of ourselves. By writing authentically, then taking a look at what we’ve written, we nurture and embrace that part of ourselves instead.

Choose one particular thing you are struggling with currently. Write all your thoughts and beliefs about that struggle down, then take a look at what you’ve written. Is there a pattern? Can you see a trend? Imagine your most loving and caring friend listening to these thoughts. What might they say to you? If you tune into your deepest self, what do you want to hear? What do you need to hear? Take a moment to close your eyes and focus on the breath. Acknowledge the deep work you have done in releasing these thoughts and emotions. Ask your inner self what direction you would like to go instead. Once those words start coming to you, write them down.

Write until the words do not come any longer. Keep the flow going until you feel satisfied with the new direction you have taken. After, compare the two pieces of writing. Try not to judge and evaluate, but look at each piece with compassion and understanding. Everyone is capable of both sides. Everyone has to work to climb out of the negative and into the positive. You can change your story any moment you want to. All you have to do is begin.