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Integrated programs help with substance use disorder SUD!

The word “holistic” is an umbrella term that includes all modalities of treatment that are available for use, both complementary (alternative) and traditional (conventional). Using both can improve the chance for greater success in recovery because this approach focuses on both the mind/emotions and the body, with the goal of completely healing all parts of a person. 

These treatments are utilized to successfully promote and care for both physical and psychological health and are done together at the same time. Standard care, using only conventional methods, isolates various components of health and recovery treatment which ignores other parts. As a result, conventional methods alone do not offer a complete approach. 

How Is the Holistic Approach to Substance Use Disorder Different?

Substance use disorder is a chronic and progressive disease that affects mental health, physical health, social health, and spirituality. It can spread to all aspects of a user’s life. Relapse and recovery are the hallmarks of this long-term disorder. There is no single treatment that works for everyone, nor is there a standard of care or duration of treatment.

The idea of taking a holistic approach supports the concept of treating the entire person and not just their symptoms. The goal is to improve their entire well-being instead of approaching one part of a person’s symptoms or behavior and focusing on just that. Substance use disorder is more than one issue or symptom, it is a broad range of things that caused the disorder in the first place, and it is healthier to take a whole-person approach to treatment.

What Are The Benefits of A Holistic Approach?

  • A holistic approach uses a variety of strategies to promote the idea that many things affect substance abuse disorder.
  • The spirit, emotions, body, and mind must all be supported in recovery for it to be successful; the holistic approach accomplishes this.
  • Substance abuse disorder is much more than a simple chemical problem, and it does not have one simple answer.
  • If one integrated concept is not working, there are many other approaches.

What About Detox?

Detox and conventional treatments do not fully support success. They do not help individuals sort out their emotions or experiences, nor do they typically incorporate the life skills and lessons that help create a meaningful life free of substances.

Is the “Holistic” Approach Successful Long-Term?

Holistic treatment integrates all of who a person is and incorporates many ways to grow. Some of the things that the holistic approach does:

  • Allows a deeper understanding of mind/body connection
  • Empowers individuals to have some control over situations in their lives
  • Enables better-coping skills
  • Improves overall health

Treatment is more of a success if it is customized to each person and their needs. The integrated treatment option provides elements that give people life skills and ongoing support. Because most integrated options are lifestyle changes, they are options that repeat themselves throughout a lifetime and support sobriety long term with usable tools for success.

Holistic healing methods are a wonderful complement to conventional care. While certain methods have not been scientifically proven or are not used in conventional medicine, many have been documented as effective over hundreds of years. At The Guest House, we incorporate holistic healing because we believe that approach to care offers a comprehensive approach to healing individuals inside and out. When using a holistic approach, you have the potential to improve all areas of your life during your recovery. To find out more, call us at (855) 483-7800