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What Does It Mean When Someone Refers to “Holistic” Approaches to Treating Mental Health Issues?

Holistic approaches, also called whole-self approaches, refer to involving the whole body in therapeutic treatment and not just parts. The mind and the body are connected, and in holistic therapy, a client will learn how this connection can help them heal from traumatic experiences. Sometimes, to heal the mind, we also have to heal the body due to the physical effects of traumatic experiences.

When we undergo trauma, our entire body is affected by the experience. Some of us “hold” our trauma in our bodies as well as our thoughts. Think about a soldier returning home from a war zone and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The soldier may appear “jumpy” or “on-edge” to others.

They may react to loud noises by jumping for cover as they relive their trauma experience. Think of someone, who was in a traumatic car accident. They may begin to experience negative feelings of trauma when sitting in the passenger seat of a bus.

The experience becomes mapped out on the body, and the body begins to react in anticipation of a similar accident. By training the body on how to be calm with techniques like yoga or transformational breathing, the mind can find peace and calm as well.

Our minds and bodies are connected together and newer forms of therapy have moved away from the past of strictly talk therapy. Think of the stereotyped, bearded psychologist sitting in a leather chair, while the patient talks through all their problems.

While talk therapy is still used today, newer techniques that embody holistic approaches have become more mainstream as they are proven to be helpful for those recovering from traumatic experiences. Healing the body and healing the mind can be one and the same. Incorporating holistic approaches to your treatment can help you find a more effective path to recovery!

Recovery models and therapeutic approaches are offering varying degrees of new approaches to heal the whole self. Therapeutic approaches considering the mind-body connection have been proven effective by modern science and research. If you have experienced trauma in your life and are looking for a safe and healthy environment to heal your whole self, call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800. Our trained staff can teach you new techniques and holistic approaches to recovery. Take the first steps to a new you today by calling The Guest House for more information on mind-body therapies, as well as, the other programs that we offer!