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What Is Trauma and Is My Trauma Experience Different Than Others?

Trauma is broadly defined as a single life event, a series of life events, or on-going life events that create a negative impact on your life. Trauma can distort how we view the world around us. Often, following trauma, people view the world as an unpredictable and unsafe place.

Trauma can also affect the way people view themselves and negatively impact our levels of self-esteem. Trauma can be categorized into three groups, although everyone uniquely experiences their own trauma story. The three main categories of trauma are: acute, chronic, and complex.

Acute Trauma refers to trauma resulting from one life event or incident. For example, one may experience trauma following a car crash or witnessing a violent crime. Typically, the event is either life-threatening or deeply disturbing to the person experiencing the incident.

Chronic Trauma refers to trauma resulting from prolonged exposure to abuse or a life-threatening situation. This category of trauma could also include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is trauma that results from prolonged exposure to unusual, disturbing, or threatening situations, such as fighting in a war or surviving an abusive relationship.

Complex Trauma refers to trauma resulting from many life events and incidents. A person may have lived through childhood abuse, then enlisted to fight in a war, resulting in multiple exposures to traumatic events. Complex trauma categorizes combinations of the other types of traumas.

While these categories can help to identify and inform viable treatment methods, trauma is experienced differently by different people. Everyone responds differently to the events of their life based on multiple and complex factors. You are the best expert to make decisions for the treatment of your trauma. Begin to search today for a healing path that works for you!

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