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Addiction Recovery

The origins of addiction are often misunderstood. Many believe that people drink or use drugs because they cannot handle life and do not care how it affects others. While this may seem to be the case since the characteristics of addiction point to self-centeredness, the truth is that there is more to how addiction starts that is not often considered. 

Understanding the mechanisms behind addiction could help those who have been in the crossfire to see that people with an addiction are sick and not necessarily of sound mind. Another aspect to acknowledge is that the only way to prevent addiction can be through total abstinence. In a country where alcohol is socially accepted, marijuana is legal in many places, prescription drugs are easily provided, and illicit drugs are everywhere, stopping addiction is not as easy as one may think. Once someone starts using drugs or drinking alcohol recreationally, they cannot fathom that they could become addicted and not see that it is even happening. 

The Inception

As drugs and alcohol are consumed, the brain’s neurotransmitters release dopamine that produces a euphoric high. The body then weans off making its own dopamine due to the effects produced by the drugs and alcohol being consumed, which causes the problem. Once the dopamine is gone, the withdrawal symptoms start and a person begins craving the drug or the alcohol to feel the same high. Once these cravings start, someone can be susceptible to addiction due to the changes that the substances have caused in the brain. 

The Pathway

Some people can handle using substances on occasion, while others will be hooked from the get-go. The progression of addiction has to do with how the body processes these substances. Those who blackout regularly from getting loaded will also experience the phenomenon of cravings that dictates that when they have one drink or hit, and they cannot stop due to the obsession of the mind and effects to the body that takes over. 

No one can assume who will become addicted to drugs and alcohol because there is no gene to test or a cure to prevent relapse. Environment, the family of origin, or early exposure are factors that could predict addiction, but they are not ironclad truths. Identifying addiction is progressive, can come out of the blue, and may be denied. The best thing someone can do if there are signs of addiction is to get help as soon as possible to prevent as much damage as possible.


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