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Why Is Detox Treated Like a Bad Word?

The word “detox” covers a very broad range of applications. We can detox from nicotine and get a very supportive pat on the back from our doctor. Detox teas promise to treat our badly abused digestive systems, livers, kidneys, and even our bloodstream. We get headaches and mood swings when we detox from sugar or carbohydrates. We can choose to detox from social media by forcing ourselves to put our phones well out of reach for a few days. Some people today even detox from dopamine by avoiding all things stimulating for a few days at a time. And, when substance use disorder (SUD) takes control of our bodies for an extended part of our lives, we need to detox from it, too.

What Is Detox?

The word “detox” comes from “detoxify,” which merely means to remove poisons from the body. In most cases, it is perfectly acceptable to tell a friend that we are choosing to detox from sugar, nicotine, or even social media. We’re usually very confident that, upon hearing the news, our friends and loved ones will congratulate us and give us a pat on the back for choosing what’s best for us. So why is it that detox facilities, places that help people remove the most harmful poisons from their system, have such a negative connotation?

Why Are We Afraid to Get Help?

For many of us, the idea of admitting we need professional help detoxifying our bodies from drugs and alcohol is a terrifying concept. Won’t our friends and family think we’re awful people? Aren’t we awful people for allowing substance abuse to get out of control? Isn’t detox for those with SUD?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding no. Detox facilities are just that; they are places that take care of you while poisons are removed from your system. If you went to any other medical facility for treatment, you wouldn’t question your choice for a moment. But unfortunately, the world still holds a negative stigma regarding SUD, which translates into us being afraid when we suffer from them. But SUD is a disease, and detox centers are the treatment for the disease. Numerous studies have shown that those who detox are more likely to adhere to treatment, and those people are much likelier to live healthier and happier lives.

If you should find yourself wondering if detox is a bad idea, rest assured that it is not. Seeking a happier and healthier you, whether it comes from avoiding the junk food section of the grocery store or ridding your body of poisons with the help of medical professionals, is always the best idea. Should anyone tell you otherwise, they’re probably not people who have your best interests at heart. Always choose the best version of yourself. Anything else would be poison.

Going to a detox center can sound like a scary idea. People who don’t understand substance use disorder don’t understand the necessity of treating it. Those people can cause those who need help to delay making the right decision for our bodies and minds. Treatment is always the best option, and detox is often a necessary first step in healing. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and would like to know more about detox and treatment, please call The Guest House at (855) 483-7800 for more information.