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A preliminary study, the results of which have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal, revealed that nonsmoking women who have experienced traumatic events in their lifetime have a greater risk of developing heart conditions. According to the American Heart Association, a woman dies from heart disease every minute and is a leading cause of death for women in the United States. The mental and physical components of trauma should never be considered separate. There is a clear and evident connection between the mental experience of trauma and the effect on the body. Taking the holistic self into consideration, that is the mind, the body, and the spirit of an individual, is essential for making a full recovery.

Presented by NAMS, the North American Menopause Society, about 300 women were examined for their heart condition and the prevalence of trauma in their lives. Notably, the women in the study were nonsmoking, which is a considerable factor for heart disease. When asked about traumatic life experiences, some of the general categories presented included:

Sexual harassmentChild lossCar crashNatural disastersAssaultRobbery

Endothelial function was poorer in participants who lived through three or more traumatic experiences in their lifetime. When the inner lining of the heart and the blood vessels no longer functions properly, it can lead to heart complications and an increased risk for heart disease. Though some of the women in the study had traumatic experiences in their lifetime, the researchers found that it was only participants who had a significant amount of trauma, three or more, who were affected in this specific manner.

Recovery for the heart

Choosing to seek residential treatment for trauma is a life changing decision, in mind, body, spirit, and heart. When a woman decides to recover, she is entering a holistic journey of healing. New lifestyle practices like healthy eating, regular exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and many other therapeutic activities help increase heart health as they reduce the symptoms of trauma. As trauma is resolved, the heart has more opportunity to heal. Reducing the stress of living with unresolved emotional trauma is the key to a long, healthy, happier life.

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