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Yoga Can Help Mental Health Professionals Ease Stress, Anxiety, and More

Mental health professionals are known to experience a lot of stress, particularly as they come into a lot of exposure to individuals with complex histories of trauma, stress, illness, and more. Compassion fatigue is a term often utilized in this and other healthcare fields, as professionals can become worn down with emotional thoughts and reactions to the challenges their clients have faced. An unfortunate yet common occurrence in American society is that professionals in this field do not need help, for they’re the ones providing it. It’s important to note, however, that stress, anxiety, and other mental health occurrences can be experienced by anyone – even those helping others with their mental illness concerns.

Holistic health provides an opportunity to explore the many factors that take a toll on our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing each and every day; by honing in on these concerns, we can begin taking steps closer towards healing and restoration. A 2015 study published in the journal Worldviews on Evidence Based Nursing found one activity that can greatly reduce mental health professionals’ work-related stress, stress adaptation, and autonomic nerve activity: yoga. A total of 60 mental health professionals were recruited for the study and were split into either 12 weeks of yoga or 12 weeks of regular treatment (no yoga). Researchers assessed the differences between the 2 groups and found that those professionals who attended yoga sessions exhibited significantly decreased work-related stress compared to the other group that did not participate in such activities.

Many working professionals do not consider these types of wellness practices because they feel their schedule is too filled with other work that needs to be done. Focusing on your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, however, will ensure that you not only manage your work days more effectively, but that you’re also better able to manage stressors related to compassion fatigue, which have previously been linked to depression, anxiety, stress, and job burnout. Sri Sri yoga teacher Ravi Shanker explained the importance of this on the Art of Living by stating, “Life needs to be a perfect balance between dynamic activity and stillness. Even if one aspect is missing, life is incomplete.”

Professionals in our giving field need to take time to give to themselves. If you are suffering from the many effects of unresolved trauma this holiday season, give yourself the gift of trauma recovery. The Guest House Ocala welcomes all guests, as they are, and helps them heal to where they want to be. For information on our programs of care, call us today: 855-483-7800