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A Mentality Shift To Help Ourselves Cope with Overwhelm in Recovery

What We Have to Do – What We’re Blessed to Do

As recovering addicts, we know all too well that the recovery process can be overwhelming, tiring and tedious at times. We feel inundated with all the work we have to do, the recovery treatment programs and steps we have to complete, the meetings we have to participate in, the check-ins with our sponsor we have to keep on top of, the therapy sessions we have to attend. All of this work can feel demanding and frustrating at times. It can feel like it’s so much we’re drowning in all things recovery. It can be stressful, depressing and anxiety-inducing. We want to get back to just living our lives. We want to be able to relax and ease up on ourselves. We’re tired of thinking about sobriety and abstinence. We’re exhausted and depleted. We’re tired of feeling like we’re depriving ourselves of the enjoyment of life. We don’t want to feel as though our recovery is taking over our lives and dominating all of our energy and time. A simple solution for this is to shift our mentality, from thinking about what we have to do in recovery, to what we’re blessed to be able to do.

Transformation Through Gratitude

We can begin to associate our recovery with all the things we get to do, rather than the things we’re being forced to do. We can remind ourselves how incredibly fortunate we are to be in this position, to be of sound mind in order to be able to get well, to be mentally, emotionally and physically well enough to even be able to work towards recovery. We can remind ourselves that our lives before sobriety might have been easier in some ways because we weren’t yet devoting ourselves to the discipline and hard work of recovery, but they were ultimately so much harder because we were self-destructing and heading toward total ruin in our lives. We can feel grateful for the work we get to do in recovery, rather than feeling resentful that we have to do it. We can remind ourselves that there are countless people struggling with addiction at this very moment who might not have the same resources, connections, communities and support that we do. There are countless people who have lost their lives to their addictions, and we are so blessed to still be in the fight, working to reclaim our lives and save ourselves.

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