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Appetite For Destruction: Trauma Starvation

In our recent blog post, we talked about the void trauma leaves behind and how we can find ourselves on an endless quest to fill that void. We can find ourselves in addictions of all kinds and other problematic behaviors. We can find ourselves with mood disorders, personality disorders, and health problems we don’t feel like we can explain. Each of our trauma manifestations seeks to fill the void in some way. However, the problematic behaviors which often arise out of these manifestations only dig that hole deeper. While we’re looking for our whole, we’re digging a hole and becoming more empty. It’s a vicious and relentless cycle, until it is stopped. It can be stopped. With treatment and recovery, it will be stopped.

Feeling like you’re always missing something no matter what you do is a spiritual FOMO, fear of missing out, which resonates on a cellular level. You don’t just desire feeling complete, you hunger after it like a starvation you’ve never known. An appetite for destruction can result. Wanting everything possible to fill a void which cannot be filled is a high expectation. High expectations that are blind to rationality are a guaranteed set up for failure. We cannot have “it all”. Everything in the world will not fill the void left behind by trauma. The more we search, the more we consume, the less fulfilled we fill. Many times, we get angry. More specifically, we get angry. We get desperate. Rather than try to consume and create within ourselves we look to destruction, both within and outside of ourselves.

Human beings are capable of great damage and destruction to one another, the environment, and themselves. When trauma manifests in destructive ways, like addiction the capacity for causing damage is exponentially increased. Trauma changes the way the brain thinks and the body responds. Addiction and alcoholism take those changes, exploits them, and manipulates them into further dysfunction. Under the influence of chemical substances and untreated trauma, we are capable of unspeakable destruction in our lives.

Our worst may have come early, late, or throughout our lives. If you are considering trauma therapy or trauma treatment, the best is yet to come. Stop the destruction and start recreating a beautiful life of recovery.

At The Guest House Ocala, we welcome everyone who has experienced trauma and, as a result, is suffering from addictions, mental health disorders, or other manifestations. Our programs are custom tailored to the specific experiences and needs of each client. Everyone has a story. Change yours today. Call us at Call 1-855-483-7800.