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There are many signs of depression we overlook. Depression isn’t always experienced all at once as the deep, dark, solemn feeling that many experience. Every day signs and symptoms could be indicators of depression.

Depression does not always come from the same source. Hormones, chemical imbalances, trauma, substance abuse, loss, grief, and even tragedy in the news can cause depression. These subtle symptoms can be a sign that a greater depression might be formulating and could cause a problem later on. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms chronically, check in with your doctor, your therapist, or a loved one. Left untreated, depression has the potential to transform into a debilitating problem which impacts all areas of your life. Thankfully, there are many evidence-based treatments proven to help reduce these symptoms and bring some relief into your life. If you find you identify with multiples of these symptoms, call The Guest House today for information on our residential treatment programs for depression, trauma, addictions, and other related issues.

Physical Discomfort: Have you ever woken up achy all over without doing an ounce of work? It might feel like you have an onset of the flu, without any other flu-like symptoms. Instead, it might feel like you worked out extra hard or had some kind of physical trauma. Slowing Down: Depression is most often characterized by feeling slow, low, lethargic, and down. If you notice that your brain is moving a little more slowly than normal, your energy is low, and you’re just feeling sluggish, it could be a sign that you are becoming chemically imbalanced. Hormone imbalance could be another indication. Feeling Feelings: On the one hand, you’re feeling everything. You’re on a short wire when it comes to emotional reactions. You cannot control your emotions and find yourself crying or reacting in more extreme manners than normal. Then, there is a shift to the other hand. Even in between the tears, it feels as though you feel nothing. Thinking about the nothingness that you feel causes the most tears of all. As if you are stuck in a different version of yourself, you struggle to connect to any feelings. Social Media Overload: The thoughts, feelings, and emotions that come with depression are difficult to cope with. Substance abuse issues are common with depression as many people turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the difficult feelings. People also turn to other methods of numbing, like social media. Brain imaging studies have found that scrolling through a social media news feed has the same effect on the brain as cocaine.

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