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There are many different signs that a loved one could be addicted to cocaine, and not all of them fit the bill for everyone. Some of the symptoms one person may experience will be different from the next person. Though cocaine use has drastically reduced in recent years, the opportunity is still available to find, use, and become addicted to cocaine. Today, cocaine users face the real threat of their drug of choice being laced with a powerful opioid like fentanyl. If you fear that someone you care about has a problem with cocaine, keep your eyes open for the following signs:

Nosebleeds – Nosebleeds, sniffling, wiping, and blowing the nose are very common symptoms of cocaine abuse. The drug can cause severe damage to the membranes of the nose, which causes the skin around the nostrils to be tender, red, and painful. Addicts will often blame their sinus problems on what seems to be a never-ending cold.Crashing – If you’ve seen your loved one sleep for long periods of time—even 24 hours straight—they could be crashing from a long cocaine bender. The human body can only stay awake for so long, and once the addict is coming down from their high, all they can do is sleep.Isolation – Drug addiction, including cocaine, takes over a person’s life and comes between everything the individual loves and cares about. They may lose interest in what they once enjoyed, and push loved ones away.Money Problems – Cocaine isn’t cheap. The addict’s bills may be piling up, they aren’t spending money on what they used to enjoy; if they have children, they may not be tending to their needs as they had in the past. Cocaine addicts may also begin selling personal possessions, including those of their loved ones, to finance their drug habit.Paranoia – Stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine have a high propensity to cause users to experience symptoms of paranoia, agitation, and panic. They may feel like people are after them, and start closing themselves off from the world. These drugs alter the way the brain functions, and when combined with lack of sleep, serious delusions may occur.

If you or your loved one are experiencing any of the above problems because of cocaine addiction, we can help. Cocaine addiction is an extremely gripping psychological disease, but it is treatable. The Guest House Ocala incorporates psychological therapies in addition to holistic treatments at the beginning of detox, which can help alleviate the emotional crash and intense cravings often seen in cocaine withdrawal.

You are not alone in this, recovery from cocaine addiction is possible. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at 1-855-483-7800. Your life can change, call us today.