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Try These 3 Ways to Release Limiting Beliefs in Recovery 

Belief systems are something that is learned over time. Children begin to learn belief systems through life experiences. The people around a child help inform and solidify those beliefs. Everything from what they practice as spirituality or religion, what they do not practice, morals, and values are taught and solidified early on. It is hard to break them down. Some people work really hard at changing beliefs about themselves and how they see the world while others struggle to find their voice and place in the world. Limiting beliefs are partially responsible for this. Find out why and how to release an old mindset to build a healthier recovery.

What Limits Belief

Limiting beliefs have the power to shape so many parts of a person’s life. They may hold a person back from making positive life decisions or discourage them from trying new things. There is a choice to change them, but only once a person recognizes their existence and is ready to move forward. Limiting beliefs are not always conscious. They can be subconscious beliefs acted out as if they were behind the scenes. Anxiety can also speak into this when it comes to what people might think or believe about a person. For example, if a person wonders what others think of them, they might feel people have not given them a fair chance. Underneath the hopelessness might be the thought they are not smart or strong and feel inadequate. This underlying belief may keep a person locked in a struggle to heal in recovery. 

Releasing Negative Beliefs

Negative beliefs can haunt a person and cause them to struggle in life. Addiction happens because a person develops some beliefs about themselves, either longheld ones or ones they develop as addiction takes hold. They may not think they are worthy of anything better or feel like they are not able to feel good about themselves unless they drink. To release negative thinking patterns, there are some tips:

  • Acknowledge it: start by writing down the beliefs. Follow thoughts and emotions to see what is holding a person back. Write down the emotions that come up
  • Acknowledge these are beliefs, not truths. Some people believe limitations are fact when they are merely an opinion based on years of thinking they are true
  • Think differently: try a belief that is aligned with what is desired. It might include thinking about an unhealthy relationship and what it looks like to be happy and healthy or visioning what it looks like to live more fully with a new outlook

In recovery, it is important to work slowly through limiting beliefs. They are structured and hard-wired in the brain from many years of carrying them around. Dismantling them one by one seems like a slow process, but the brain and body don’t change quickly. They need time to adapt. While they are busy adapting, people can grow and learn how to become more of the person they want to become who believes they are more confident, strong, and healthy as they journey through recovery. 

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