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Love addiction typically manifests when someone has experience abandonment and neglect in life, usually from their primary caregivers.

Signs you might be addicted to love:

You have experienced significant or repeated abandonment in your life that causes you to cling to others. When you are not in romantic relationships or very close friendships you feel frantic, panicked, depressed, angry, unfulfilled, or lost.You have experienced significant or repeated neglect in your life that causes you to seek attention, validation, and approval from others. You go out of your way to please romantic partners and friends, often leaving your best interests and needs behind.You are afraid of intimacy, though you chronically seek intimate relationships. You enjoy the chase and development of a romantic relationship more than you do the building and maintenance of relationship. When the “honeymoon” phase starts to fade away, you find yourself anxious and paranoid in the relationship. Without the high intensity romantic feelings, you do not feel fulfilled in the relationship.You believe that the way to secure a partner, their love, devotion, and affection, is through sexual activity and sexual intimacy. Your evaluation of a relationship and partner is strictly based on romantic interactions, confusing sexual intimacy with other forms of intimacy. When partners want more, or aren’t interested after sexual engagement, you are devastated and confused.You find that you quickly fall in love and dive all into your relationships. You are instantaneously devoted and invested in a romantic partner, planning all of your time and priority around them.You are in denial about it being a problem when someone approaches you about it. You are happiest in a relationship and fall apart out of a relationship. The ups and downs, ins and outs of relationships is something you can’t seem to help. In a relationship you claim to be fine. Out of a relationship you realize you aren’t fine- until a new love interest catches your attention.You put the idea of falling in love, being in love, and having a romantic relationship on a pedestal. You idealize and romanticize romance, so that it becomes something other-worldly when you are in it.You constantly feel like the victim of bad relationships, unaware of why romantic relationships continue to end, why partners walk away, or why you cannot stay in love.

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