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To be clear: there is no limit. As demonstrated by automated profiles and web pages, there is no limit to how much you can post on social media. There are, however, policies and regulations as to what kind of material you can post. If scandals of social media profile discoveries prove anything, what you post and like online can be found by someone else. Though social media permeates so many different areas of our life, the way we approach and interact with social media is still new. Our social media experience has been nothing less than an experiential one. The world of social media didn’t come with a rule book. Update by update, new platform by new platform, we’ve grown and adapted in real time, making up the rules for ourselves as we go. Social media etiquette is an evolution of its own. The more we learn, the more we realize how much of ourselves we should be putting into the social media world and how much we should be keeping private. “Should” is subjective until there is an official declaration and the nature of social media is to have you document as much of your life as possible.

Some early social media websites started as a live journal, one was even called Livejournal, for you to document your every thought. Now that social media platforms have a newsfeed, you have to ask yourself if your every thought and update has to be public. Does every meal have to be documented? Do you have to check in everywhere you go? Every Time you have a thought or an epiphany, do all of your Facebook friends and everyone who can see it publicly need to be involved? How often are you posting about other people instead of just yourself? Do you have to reveal every intimate detail of your sex life, travel life, life as a parent, and other areas of your life? If you feel that you didn’t realize any of this is a problem, you are not alone. Many people are chronic over-sharers on social media websites. On the surface, it isn’t much of a problem. Following the layers deeper, however, there can be consequences.

First, some of the post you send out into the world can be tracked down and used against you, if there was ever a reason. Second, you risk the friendships you do have through social media by overwhelming the newsfeed of others with your relentless updates. Lastly, there are warnings about publishing certain information regarding the details of your life, picture s for your kid and more.

Social media addiction is becoming a prevalent problem. As a coping mechanism for dealing with trauma, depression and other experiences, social media addiction might feel like it is filling a voice in your life. You can learn to live outside of your favorite social media platform. The Guest House Ocala offers private residential treatment for men and women looking to recovery from traumas, addiction, and mental health.

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