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Medication is a great tool for recovering from mental health. If you or a loved one is considering a medication treatment, there are three critical things to understand.

Taking medication isn’t a “failure” and it doesn’t make you “weak”: Though, it can certainly seem and feel the opposite, taking medication isn’t a marker on your character. Recovery is about finding an ongoing course of treatment to relieve your symptoms as much as possible in order to have as much of a normal life as possible. Plenty of people take medication. Plenty of people have mental illness and physical illness. Taking medication is normal. The real sign of strength is knowing what needs to be done for your health and doing just that. Medication isn’t an instantaneous fix: Some medications are quick and powerful and work relatively quickly. Other medications may take quite some time to register in your system and start having the effect you need it to have. When you are looking to feel better and have some psychopharmaceutical support, waiting is exhausting. One thing to be prepared for is a long process of finding the right medication. In addition, you should be aware that those long lists of symptoms they read in medication commercials aren’t made up. There is always a chance you might experience less than pleasant side effects and have to come off the medication. Your mental illness isn’t “cured” with medication: Medication doesn’t get rid of mental illness. You will absolutely feel much better once you are on the medication and it is working in your system. However, you will still have experiences with your less than favorite symptoms. They should be less intense than they have been in the past. Some days, they might be more. If you miss a day of medication you could experience your symptoms and then some with withdrawal. For the most part, you will feel better. Your symptoms will improve. Some will be alleviated entirely. You will be able to live in a healthier, happier way- as long as you continue to do the rest of the therapeutic work to support your recovery.

Everyone has a story. When you arrive at The Guest House Ocala, a private residential treatment program for trauma, addiction, and related issues, we meet you exactly where you are. Through concierge style treatment and the highest luxuries of comfort, we take you to where you want to go in your recovery.

There is hope.

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