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For over 30 years, the month of September has been observed as National Recovery Month by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Their message is meant to bring awareness to show that “behavioral health is essential to overall health, that prevention works, treatment is effective and people can and do recover.” 

Treatment for addiction recovery is specific to each person’s needs. One of the ways that people recover is by implementing alternative therapies that create holistic healing. Holistic represents the whole person–mentally, physically, and spiritually. Looking at someone’s values is essential to understanding their diet, lifestyle, emotions, social aspects, and environs.  Holistic healing can take place when personal values are intertwined throughout the mind, body, and spirit.

Find the Root Cause

By looking at all the factors that have caused you to drink and use substances to cope, you can pinpoint what is triggering you to use. Quality care starts with understanding the past issues that cause cravings and triggers to take over. Using a timeline that entails the onset of when addiction and mental health issues became a part of their life can be useful in discovering the root cause for substance use and addiction.

Determine a Dual Diagnosis

Dealing with a dual diagnosis of co-occurring disorders can be a vital part of how recovery will work going forward. If all issues are not identified and addressed, they will continue to plague someone and cause significant problems down the road. Their recovery will suffer and cause them to become vulnerable to setbacks. Treating individual symptoms can shed more light on each diagnosis simultaneously for better results. 

Practice the Solution

Being in the solution combats the negative thoughts from your addiction and mental health issues that will try to talk you out of staying sober. Acting in the best interest for recovery can happen from practicing holistic healing with yoga or acupuncture, eating an organic diet, or using mindfulness activities to guide you and keep you on track. The solution is different for everyone, but it will be useful for their recovery. With holistic healing as a priority, an individual will discover that they have more to offer others as they carry the message of recovery. 

Taking everything into consideration is vital for permanent recovery. Holistic healing can occur by adding alternative therapies to help someone cope with the stigma, pressures, and difficulties caused by addiction and mental health issues. During National Recovery Month, everyone can gain more awareness of the benefits of prevention and treatment to aid in ongoing recovery. 


The Guest House is the brainchild of a trauma therapy expert who has dedicated her life to building a refuge for trauma and addiction victims. Our founders and staff have years of experience researching, developing, and providing treatments geared towards addressing the self-defeating behaviors that have emerged due to a traumatic event. We range in therapeutic modalities that are kinetic, creative, and meditative to cater to everyone who comes through our doors. We have helped countless people recover and we’re here to help you too.

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