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If you have experienced neglect, abandonment, rejection, or significant loss in your life, you have experienced relational trauma. Relationships are wonderful. Humanity is built on the ability to form relationships, have relationships, nurture relationships, and maintain a relationship with the self. When a relationship is lost, it can feel more significant than a simple turning of the tide. Relationships last for three different lengths of time- a reason, a season, and a lifetime. Reasons can be fleeting or long-term, seasons can feel like a summer that will never end, and a lifetime relationship is a special breed of relationship.

Even with the knowledge that relationships, like all things in life, are meant to be passing, when a relationship ends, the trauma can come to the surface. At the core is a trauma of loss. Coping with grief and loss is a process which can sometimes last a lifetime. Unresolved grief and loss will come up with each new experience of loss, most often triggered by relationship. Romantic partnerships, work relationships, friendships, and other forms of relationship can trigger old trauma of loss. Though loss is inexplicable, hard to understand, hard to cope with, there are ways to get through loss. Working with a counselor for short term processing or a therapist for long term processing will help you understand where your trauma of loss comes from and give you the coping skills you need. If you find that your inability to cope with loss deeply affects your life, making it unmanageable, treatment is available.

Don’t blame yourself

Part of the recovery process is learning how to take accountability and responsibility where it is due. Often compared to a dance, relationships contain two sides, each contributing in different ways. Realize it is possible that you had a part. However, the voices of relationship trauma are often critical, telling you that you are unlovable, unkeepable, unworthy of love. Relationships end. There is nothing wrong with you. Everyone has room to grow. Telling yourself it is your fault, defining yourself by the loss, and living your life without closure, are signs you are in need of building resiliency. Treatment programs can help you work through the pain in a safe, clinical, and compassionate way.

The Guest House Ocala is a residential treatment facility providing care for trauma and all of its related issues. Located on a beautiful estate draped in Spanish Moss and surrounded by beautiful Florida nature, our private home offers the safety and care needed to recover from traumatic loss and reconcile a new life.

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