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Can Affirmations Help Us Heal?

Sometimes we think of working with affirmations as repeating empty, meaningless statements that we don’t actually believe. We don’t have faith in the things we’re saying, so we doubt their effectiveness and their ability to help us heal. We might start repeating affirmations and practice them for a little while, thinking we’ll notice change immediately but then finding ourselves disappointed with the lack of results. We might post affirmations around the house but then scoff at them in disbelief every time we look at them. Many of us are struggling with subconscious fears of inadequacy and unworthiness that lead us to believe we aren’t deserving of healing and happiness. When we don’t believe we can heal, blindly repeating affirmations won’t change our reality. When we make the conscious choice to believe new truths about ourselves and our ability to heal, we open ourselves up to being able to let our affirmations do the work they’re intended to do. In other words, we allow them to be able to work for us.

Repeating affirmations works when we put our full energy, conviction and belief behind them. When we start with a foundation of belief, all of the healing tools we use are able to actually help us. We’re able to move forward and make progress. The programming of our subconscious minds keeps us stuck in our pain, in our feelings of unworthiness and our lack of self-worth. Luckily, the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed with repetition. When we repeat statements that we believe in, and as we practice embodying new beliefs, these new thought patterns become our new mental programming. We start to believe in our ability to heal, without questioning, doubting or contradicting it. This newfound belief in ourselves empowers us. It reminds us that anything is possible and allows us to believe that we are strong enough to recover.

Affirmations work best for us when they resonate with us. We might not want to use affirmations that other people have created, that feel foreign or distant to us, that don’t feel relatable or realistic to us. Practice creating affirmations for yourself that ring true for you. Borrow any you discover that do resonate with you.

I am capable of healing.

I am strong enough to heal.

I am more than good enough.

I deserve to be happy.

I am on my healing journey.

All of my obstacles can teach me something.

Challenges are part of my growth and evolution.

I love myself.

I value, respect and appreciate myself.

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