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Trauma assaults our development. Like a time machine, the moment of our trauma freezes forever. Part of us stays stuck in that place- that age, that mindset, and that set of emotional regulation skills. Another part of us moves forward, grows up, and gains responsibilities, like having a child. Yet at any moment, our two realities, our two distinct lifetimes, get intertwined and mixed up. Something in the present triggers our PTSD of trauma in the past. We do our very best to cope, to regulate, to self soothe, to control. We do the best that we can. Unfortunately our best is not always enough to protect our children, to not affect them, or traumatize them in some way. Living with PTSD as a parent does not mean we cannot be good parents. We have to be good to ourselves so we can be good to our children. Treatment, therapy, and recovery can help us.

Get Treatment, If Possible

Going to treatment is a challenge when there are children involved. Some parents simply cannot find a way to take time to go to treatment, in the traditional residential way. There are many options for parents to seek therapy and treatment for PTSD. Spending time away from regular responsibilities and stressors can provide the space needed to truly focus on healing the self.

Learn Your Triggers And Communicate Them

Treatment helps you identify all of your triggers, understand where they come from, find solutions for them, and learn how to communicate them. For example, many people with PTSD have physical triggers. Physical boundaries are challenging for children to understand and respect. Treatment will help you learn how to communicate and enforce boundaries effectively.

Create Family Mental Health Plans

Everyone has mental health. Not everyone struggles with their mental health. Taking care of mental health should be a priority for the whole family. If you involve the family, everyone can feel like their needs are communicated. Talk about what upsets everyone or triggers everyone in different ways and what they need to handle those moments. Create a family understanding that everyone is entitled to take care of their mental health in a way that works for them.

Living with PTSD as a parent is not a failure and it is not something to be ashamed of. Everyone has a story. At The Guest House Ocala, you are welcomed with open arms to experience the journey of healing from traumas, addictions, and related mental illnesses. Call us today for information on our residential programming: 1-855-483-7800