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Our habits are so deeply ingrained in our psyches and in our lifestyles that we assume we can’t change them. We have limiting beliefs about ourselves and our abilities, which tell us we’re incapable of changing our habits. Our addiction leaves us stuck in our ways, powerless to make lasting change for ourselves. We’re filled with insecurity and self-doubt when it comes to making positive changes in our lives. After a time, we become convinced that we can’t change our habits and stop trying. We tell ourselves that our patterns are second nature for us now, and we’re out of hope. Can we change our habits? 

Repeating Our New Habits

Just as our current habits became ingrained over time, new habits can become our new normal. It took time for the patterns we have now to become second nature for us. Likewise, it will take time for new behaviors to become our default habits. What causes a new habit to sink in and become second-nature? We practice a habit over and over again until it’s ingrained in us. Repetition, therefore, is a critical component in the formation of new habits. We want to start practicing the habits we want to implement and use repetition to adopt them completely. Repeating our new habits helps us to replace the old ones and form our new automatic behavioral patterns.

Creating New Routines and Committing to Them

To change our habits, we want to implement new routines in our lives. When we try to establish a new pattern but don’t practice it regularly, we’re less likely to follow through with it. We want the structure of our day to include the new habit, rather than sporadically returning to it whenever we remember it. When our patterns are haphazard and irregular, it’s much harder to stay committed. They don’t have a chance to become rooted in the foundation of our lives. Repeating our new habits, incorporating them into our routines, and staying committed to them are helpful ways of integrating new practices into our lives and making them stick. 

The Guest House Ocala provides unparalleled, premier-quality treatment to those who suffer from self-defeating behaviors brought on by trauma and its underlying issues. We are uniquely equipped to help our guests heal from trauma-induced substance abuse and process addiction in a safe, comfortable and confidential setting.

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