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Everyone is affected by addiction. Whether you are the addict, a family member, or a friend, you are in some way impacted. Everyone is also affected differently and to different degrees. What may greatly impact someone else’s life, may have little effect on you. One group, in particular, that is affected would be the children of addicts. 

Children, just as adults, are all impacted differently by different situations. When a child grows up in a house with one or both parents struggling with addiction, the chance of it affecting them in some way is pretty substantial. It is very common to not see the full impact of that effect until adulthood. If you know a child that may be impacted by the addiction of a family member, it is important to seek professional help. Here are some warning signs that a child may be suffering. 

Control Issues

When a child is surrounded by a chaotic home life, it can sometimes come forth as control issues. When a child feels they cannot control their environment, it may make them want to control other aspects of their life at a higher degree than most children. 


Depending on the age, a child may start to understand that their living environment is different from their friends. They may start to keep to themselves, not wanting others to see their home life as it is. They may start to keep their feelings to themselves for fear that their friends would not understand what they are going through, or even not believe them. 


Children are not able to process emotions at the level that most adults are. They tend to not be able to regulate their emotions as well, and not fully understand what they are feeling at all times. When the home life is chaotic and stressful, it can come out as aggression in some children. They do not understand why their home life is so different from their friends. Why do their parents act a certain way, or maybe not act a certain way. Adolescence is hard as it is, and when addiction is added it can be overwhelming.

When a child grows up in a home with addiction it can have lasting effects. Some children will show the impact right away, while others do not appear affected until adulthood. Control issues, isolation, and aggression are three examples of warning signs that a child may be affected by their home life. It is important to get professional help for any child that may be impacted by the addiction of another. The Guest House is here to offer any support needed, and to be a resource for information. Call us at (855) 483-7800 to get more information on the services offered.