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Recovery from trauma involves learning how to live a healthy and happy life. We may have been hiding away in the shadows of our pain. We may have been blunted in our experiences of living life to the fullest. Dealing with the stress of everyday life requires a multifaceted approach as not all stress is the same. Some issues require a different approach than others. Dealing with the effects of trauma and recovering from addiction can also require a large array of coping skills. By experiencing multiple treatment modalities and approaches, we can be better equipped to handle the emotional effects that trauma has caused us. We can also learn new ways of coping with stress to help us curb our addictive behaviors.

Having a large tool kit to cope with trauma and addiction can help us adapt to different circumstances. There is no “magic bullet” to treatment. What works for one person may be ineffective for another. By opening ourselves up to learning about all the ways we can treat our pain, we can handle multiple issues. We may want to try alternative approaches, like yoga and mindfulness, or specialized therapies, like music and art therapy. We can also engage in outdoor activities, like adventure therapy and equine therapy. When we learn more skills and ways to deal with trauma, we increase our chances of successfully healing. 

The causes of addiction and the effects of trauma are complex and can include many variables. By having an array of coping skills we will be better prepared to deal with these complexities as we learn to heal.


The Guest House emphasizes the importance of needing a large tool kit when learning to cope with trauma and addiction recovery. Just like a repair person is limited in the number of things they can fix by the tools they carry, a person with a limited number of coping strategies is limited in what issues they can deal with. By being open to various types of treatment approaches, we can better prepare ourselves for what life may throw at us by learning an array of skills. The Guest House encourages those suffering from trauma and addiction in finding the coping skills that work best for them. Our concierge-style treatment can help you cope with the stress in your life. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn about our various treatment modalities!