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With all the stereotyping that happens when it comes to addiction, there is one stigma that can often slide under the radar. Someone who is high-functioning with their drug or alcohol use may be overlooked due to the success they continue to have in their life. They may own their house, maintain a job, or keep relationships going while they are actively using drugs and alcohol. An individual who is high-functioning with these substances is most likely addicted. They just are able to cover it up so no one will know the difference unless others in their life can recognize they have the characteristics of addiction. 


They Need “Liquid” Courage

Drugs and alcohol can make someone feel invincible. A high-functioning person may use drugs and alcohol as an excuse to relax or feel fearless in what they are trying to achieve. Addiction takes a toll on a person’s self-esteem, and while they may not admit they have a problem, the underlying shame of their consumption will be eased by becoming numb.  


They Have Consequences

Being high-functioning does not exclude them from having financial woes, health problems, or legal issues. They are just as susceptible as anyone else to making poor decisions under the influence. They also have a high risk of encountering adverse circumstances that directly relate to their alcohol or drug use that they will blame on other reasons.


They Drink or Use Alone

Although high-functioning people appear to be at happy hours and social events when they drink or use drugs, they will also use drugs and drink alone, so nobody will know how much they are partaking in. They may deny that they have a problem and will exclaim to have a handle on what they are doing.  


They Forget What Happened

A conversation with someone who is high-functioning after a long night of partying may show them to be clueless about some of the things they did or said. Once they realize that they are missing bits and pieces from the night before, they will cover their tracks to make others believe that they remember more than they are letting on. 


High functioning addiction can seem like they are in control but they will lose their inhibitions to participate in dangerous activities under the influence. Drinking and driving, unprotected sex, blacking out, or other risky behaviors can occur and show that they are being neglectful with their safety and everyone else’s around them. Do not let the material success that surrounds them camouflage the real problem of their addiction. Even high functioning persons need treatment to change their behavior before the progression of addiction takes over and they lose everything that is their safeguard. 


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