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Warning: This article will discuss rape and sexual assault. If you are struggling to cope with the trauma of sexual assault, you do not have to continue reading this article. Call The Guest House Ocala today to discuss treatment options to overcome your trauma.

The recent outbreak of scandals regarding Harvey Weinstein and many other prominent figures committing sexual assault sparked a “Me Too” movement of women speaking out. Highlighted in the news were the female victims of various men’s actions. Left out were men. Hollywood celebrities like Corey Feldman and Corey Haim have spoken out in the past of molestation and assault, claiming that their respective experiences with substance abuse was in part a way of trying to cope with those events.

As the “Me Too” movement took off for women, men who offered their own “Me Too” proclamation were quickly chastised by the overwhelmingly female population for getting in the way of a necessary women’s movement. Men, too, experience rape and sexual assault. In the wake of their trauma, men suffer emotionally, just as women do.

Though a plentitude of research has been dedicated to female victims of assault, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other effects, little has been dedicated solely to the male experience of rape. Women & Criminal Justice recently reported that male victims of rape experience as much emotional trauma as women, specifically depression. Broadly reports that for the study, the researchers were forced to use data from the 90s because no comprehensive research has been conducted since the National Violence Against Women Survey. About 5,900 men and 5,900 women were studied originally and the data was analyzed. “Ultimately,” Broadly states, “they found that there was no difference between depression rates of male and female sexual assault survivors.” Lead authors on the study realized that treatment for the trauma of sexual assault is critically important for both men and women.

Part of the reason that male sexual assault is overlooked is that it happens less frequently than female sexual assault. Whether by a female or a male perpetrator, male rape and sexual assault has to be taken seriously because, however infrequent, it still happens and it still causes significant emotional damage that needs to be treated. Men additionally face much shame and stigma as women do, with different terms. The shame and stigma can be preventative and inhibit men from seeking adequate help.

If you are struggling to cope with the trauma of sexual assault, you are not alone. You have every right to speak up and ask for help. Call The Guest House Ocala today for information on our residential treatment programs for trauma and related issues: 1-855-483-7800