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The truth about holidays is, they’re just like any other day. According to our concept of time, they start at midnight and they end at midnight. The day before them isn’t a holiday and they day after them isn’t a holiday. Unless a holiday specifically lasts for more than one day, it’s just another day. You can make it through just one day because your recovery is teaching you to make it through each day at a time- one day at a time. When it feels like the holiday pressure will never end, remind yourself that once the clock strikes midnight, the holiday is over. Tomorrow is a brand new day.

Remind yourself that this time is temporary

You will not be in treatment for the rest of your life. By the time the holidays come around next year you will be a completely different person. You’ll look back on this time with wonder, awe, and humble gratitude because you will be able to recognize how far you have come. Family members and friends alike may have something to say about the fact that you are in treatment this holiday seasons. Taking in their ideas, you may have some of your own comments to make to yourself. Remind yourself that this time in treatment is temporary and that it has no negative connotation in your life. Making the decision to ask for help, seek treatment, and spend time working on yourself is a courageous one which deserves praise rather than criticism.

If you go home, have a self-care plan

You might have the chance to take a day or two “pass” from treatment in order to go spend Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. Bring a self-care plan with you when you go. Maintain your daily spiritual activities, have a list of phone numbers to call like your sponsor, your therapist, and your friends back at treatment. Journal, exercise, drink water, and get outside for a little bit of time every day.

If you stay in treatment, make new memories

Spending holidays in treatment can be an extraordinary experience. Your treatment staff knows that it can be difficult to be away from home, friends, and family during the holidays. For some, the break from family is a welcome opportunity. Make new memories by participating in special traditions of your treatment center, making a new tradition with your treatment peers, and having fun. Be aware of your emotions, process them when necessary, and focus on being present. You will likely not be in treatment for the holidays again.

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