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Gratitude is scientifically proven to change the brain, improve attitude, and enhance wellbeing overall. People who feel satisfied and content in their lives and maintain good health in mind, body, and spirit are more likely to be grateful or practice more gratitude in their life. Gratitude is a stress reducer. Stress is more than a thought or a feeling. Stress lives inside the body, creating physical effects like inflammation, which is the root cause of most diseases. Gratitude reduces stress, thereby reducing inflammation, physically creating better health.

People experience gratitude for different reasons. According to Happify:

69% of people are grateful when they unexpectedly experience goodness in their lives16% of people say that gratitude only comes to them when they experience something particularly special49% of people try to find gratitude in something ‘simple’ every day52% of people are grateful for what they come to believe as God62% of people consistently feel gratitude for their families and their children

For those who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, gratitude is said to be the attitude of recovery. A sense of gratitude keeps the brain focused on the positive instead of the negative, which it is more prone to notice. By staying positive, the brain experiences more pleasure out of things than any kind of negative feeling. Negativity spreads through the brain like wildfire, creating a desire to find pleasure. Often, pleasure is associated with attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors which are more harmful then helpful. Making the connection to gratitude as a source of pleasure rewrites those associations. Instead of seeking pleasure through external means, gratitude creates pleasure through internal recognition of all the good in life.

We can find gratitude for just about anything in life, if we are willing to look for it. Gratitude isn’t something that happens to us. Gratitude is not even reserved for only the positive. We can find gratitude in the negative parts of life as well. Recognizing that negative things happen in life we can find gratitude for being present through all of it, good and bad, what we learn from both, and how both shape the person we are in this moment, alive.

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