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Why Adventure Therapy Teaches Core Principles That Build Resilience in Recovery 

Adventure therapy is unique to some rehab and treatment programs because it combines nature with exercises that are therapeutic. They are designed to be challenging for people in recovery. Adventure therapy is good for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. It helps build trust while being outdoors and enjoying nature’s benefits. Find out more about why this program is offered in recovery from addiction and how it helps build resilience for the journey.

Adventure Therapy Benefits

Growth, development of personal skills, and encouraging a person’s mind-body-spirit connection are just a few ways adventure therapy benefits people’s lives. Empowering people’s lives in recovery, adventure therapy creates experiences that help people learn to thrive without substances. Some activities such as hiking, swimming, rafting, canoeing, camping, and more can have myriad benefits:

  • Learning to problem-solve
  • Being outside of one’s comfort zone but still safe
  • Being with others who understand the challenges
  • Working together with others
  • Cooperative games 
  • Trust-building activities
  • Vulnerability exercises

Although these activities are low-risk, the person explores these while learning to discover their internal path of recovery. 

How it Helps

Mindfulness is part of some adventure therapy work. It helps to be outside and practicing ways to breathe and be present with the air, the trees, the sky, and water. Most people walk or drive so quickly by they don’t realize the true benefits of being in nature. People who go through these experiences often feel challenged but invigorated to move onto the next journey in their recovery, equipped with new tools and internal resources they never knew they had. People go outside with a group, lead by a facilitator or therapist and do activities that are in line with their current recovery goals. They work alongside others in recovery who are at or near the same place and yet come from different experiences in the journey. Everyone works together to complete the experience, then debrief and discover what was challenging about it and how they grew from it. 

Overall, adventure therapy is about checking in with oneself and seeking new opportunities to grow in recovery. As part of a recovery program, it can help people find a deeper resilience they take with them for the rest of their time in rehab and beyond. The experience is often life-transforming for those who give it a try.

The Guest House Ocala welcomes people who are struggling with addiction. Our goal is to support your individual recovery. We offer adventure therapy as part of our treatment program. If you are struggling in recovery, we can help you get on the right track. You are not alone. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800