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Winter depression

Seasonal affective disorder, or S.A.D., can turn the winter months into an exceptionally trying time for those in recovery. The dwindling hours of light and colder temperatures can introduce greater feelings of depression, anxiety, and isolation, while also making it more and more difficult to get outside. While this time of year can have a number of unique hurdles, there are options available for addressing seasonal affective disorder. One of these options comes in the form of lightboxes. 

What Are Lightboxes? 

Lightboxes are simply static light sources that a person can set up in their homes in order to get a bit more light throughout their day. They provide a soft glow that can give the illusion of longer hours of light to combat the earlier onset of nighttime, and can help a person maintain higher energy levels and a better mood that may be more present in the spring or summer months. Lightboxes can vary in price and size, depending on each individual’s needs, but their intended function remains fairly consistent. They are best set up in places where windows may not be present, or where a person may spend a large amount of their day, such as a home office. 

Creating a Consistent Atmosphere

Lightboxes can help a person regulate their own day, and ensure they can keep a fairly consistent schedule despite the changing hours of daylight. While perpetual darkness can increase feelings of depression or anxiety, lightboxes can create an atmosphere that ensures a person is getting enough exposure to light each day, helping their brain release more serotonin and making them feel better overall, as a result. 

The use of lightboxes can also help a person maintain a proper sleep schedule. The earlier onset of darkness may begin to sap the energy from many of us, as our bodies may be programmed to want to wind down for the night as the sun sets. Lightboxes can ensure that a person is maintaining a healthy energy and activity level throughout the day, and then shutting off the lightbox on one’s own personal schedule can continue to support healthy sleep cycles. 

Lightboxes are just one method of learning to deal with the unique trials that the winter months bring. If you or a loved one are struggling with your traumatic experiences or an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, or any other substance or behavior, The Guest House can help you take your first step towards your better future today. Learning daily strategies for coping with the unique challenges that each day may bring can help instill the necessary agency and structure you may need to take control of your own, transformed future. For information on how we can personalize a recovery program for you, call us today at (855) 483-7800.