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Unhealthy Thinking

Distorted thoughts and low self-image are often at the core of someone who suffers from mental health issues, trauma, or addiction. As these thoughts swirl throughout the brain, they can eventually come out in someone’s words and actions. The brain is a complex and powerful organ in the body that can do considerable damage to a person’s self-esteem when combined with their adverse thoughts and the need for relief from them. However, attempts to alleviate these thoughts and feelings can bring out self-destructive behaviors in the form of using drugs, alcohol, food, or sex as a means to cope. 

If this never-ending cycle sounds like something you are dealing with, you have a way out of your unhealthy thinking. By identifying morbid reflection engendered from low-esteem and the pain from the past, you can change your thinking. First, pinpointing the patterns in your thoughts can be a useful way to direct you toward more sensible thinking. 


You Jump to Conclusions

If you think you know it all, you will jump to conclusions to prove you know best. You will assume that others do not like you or that everyone is critical of what you are doing. Forming a negative opinion of yourself based merely on your thoughts brings about unfounded fears that may never become a reality and take up unnecessary headspace. 


You Practice Terminal Uniqueness

While you may believe that being unique is positive, terminal uniqueness works to separate you from everyone else. Rather than understanding that turmoil happens to everyone, you may think that the worst of the worst has happened to you and that what has worked for others will never work for you. This negative mindset can keep you from achieving the greatness you deserve by thinking your situation is different and beyond help. 


You Speak With Self-Deprecation 

When someone compliments you, you may stop them mid-sentence to tell them that they are wrong. You will never allow anyone to say anything nice about you and will be the first to point out everyone of your flaws because you do not think highly of yourself.


You Believe Feelings Are Facts

You establish your thinking based on how you feel. When you feel rejected, abandoned, or criticized, you take the emotions you feel and ruminate over them to produce mistruths that you tell yourself off of baseless contradictions. 


You Blame Yourself

When everything else fails, you might as well take one for the team. You apologize for everything because you enjoy the martyrdom that can compensate for finding your part to a fault.

Analyzing your thinking can allow you to better your life all around. Pessimism will not make you implode if you are willing to identify the thoughts that bring you down. Your brain can be your enemy or it can be the source of positive reinforcement if you shift your thoughts from negative ones to ones that will bring you joy. If you chose pleasant and reinforcing thoughts, you would be able to change your perception of trauma and have a better chance of staying sober. 


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