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Sometimes as we’re working to recover, we can find ourselves so overwhelmed by all the work we’re doing that we can become paralyzed and stop working altogether. When we’re first getting sober, we can feel as though we don’t even know where to begin. Once we’ve gotten sober, we can be so afraid of failure that we stop trying. These recovery challenges are common and quite understandable. We’re creating entirely new lives for ourselves. We’re handling our difficult emotions and tough life circumstances without our drug of choice, sometimes for the first time in years. We can find ourselves feeling so afraid, so confused and so overwhelmed that we stall in our recovery and sabotage our efforts. We’re so afraid that we’re not making enough progress, or that we’re not making the right kinds of changes, that we end up completely derailing our progress. One very helpful approach to this kind of challenge is to set goals for ourselves for our recovery process. 

Breaking Down Big Ambitions Into Manageable Pieces

When we set specific goals for where we want to be in our recovery, we break down our lofty ambitions into manageable pieces that we can effectively work on. This can help us to feel confident in ourselves and in our recovery so that we don’t get scared into complacency and inaction. For example, instead of just focusing on successfully reaching one year of sobriety, we can set the goal to attend a support group meeting twice a week for a year, to see our therapist once a week, and to be in regular contact with our sponsors and recovery coaches. We can set the goal to join a service project or volunteer organization since many of us find that being of service helps us to stay committed to our recovery. We can set the intention to become a sponsor for others in recovery. All of these smaller goals help us to reach our larger sobriety goals, by helping us to feel empowered each step of the way. When we feel successful completing each smaller goal, we affirm to ourselves that we can successfully stay sober long-term.

Preventing Overwhelm

Having smaller goals can help us to allocate our time and energy wisely, instead of not knowing what to do and then not doing anything at all because of our high levels of stress, worry, confusion and overwhelm. Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed in our recovery, we shut down. We stop trying. We give up on ourselves. It all feels like too much. We’re afraid we’re incapable of recovering, and our fear can get the better of us. Setting smaller daily, weekly and monthly goals can help us to turn our larger recovery goals into actionable steps. When we focus on these steps, and on achieving each goal one at a time, we can help ourselves prevent the overwhelm that can sabotage our recovery.

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