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Complete trauma treatment is intense, exhausting, riveting and rewarding beyond measure.  When our guests arrive at The Guest House Ocala it is not unusual or surprising for them to act out in a secondary coping mechanism.   We have taken away their go to trauma survival behavior such as substance abuse and invited them to go to the pain.  Having this happen while they are in treatment is a good thing because it allows our therapist to work on the whole process and not just the primary issue, which is typically glaring.

Self-soothing is a rule of thumb, the rule of trauma survivors.  Their coping mechanisms have been taken away and during treatment, when the pain is brought to the surface, other behaviors will be explored.  A seasoned trauma therapist can create an opportunity to connect the original traumas with the acting out behavior exhibited during treatment, allowing further healing to occur.

So many clients leave treatment feeling steady in their substance abuse recovery but end up relapsing around relationship issues or maybe they self-harm because they still haven’t figured out all of their self-soothing behaviors. Many treatment facilities discharge clients for acting out but we at The Guest House Ocala see this as an opportunity for whole healing.

Trauma work is a new level of commitment.  A trauma program cannot be just one or two groups per week.  It must be immersed in the milieu and it must contain visceral, cellular, sensory, body-centered and experiential modalities.  At The Guest House Ocala, guests spend over five hours a day in group therapy, one-on-one sessions with their primary therapist and several hours a day working on guest-specific, tailored assignments that are presented in group.

Our clinical staff is trained not only in trauma therapy but also eating disorders, self-harm, sex and love addition and substance abuse.  They are trained at more than just a granular level. They not only provide therapy but also provide space for cleansing, lifting up, forgiveness, atonement and the opportunity to find a spiritual path for the individual.

This is holistic trauma treatment.