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How Can I Clear Doubt to Make Room for Possibility?

Our struggles with addiction can cause us to be filled with doubt, doubts about ourselves and who we are as addicts, doubts about the future and all the uncertainty it holds, doubts about our ability to recover and to be happy. When we feel doubt, we’re often consumed with worry, anxiety and panic, painful manifestations of our fear and our lack of faith. Doubt can be all-consuming and debilitating. It can take up space in our minds that we need in order to be able to think positively and to manifest the best outcomes for ourselves. Doubt can cause us to be pessimistic and negative, causing us to allow our dread to create self-fulfilling prophecies and to bring about the things we fear most. How can we clear doubt in order to make room for all the beautiful possibilities available to us?

Instead of allowing our fear and doubt to control us, instead of allowing it to direct how we operate in our lives, let’s begin to question it. Let’s challenge it. Let’s show our doubts that we won’t let them go unchecked and give them the chance to bring about more fear and uncertainty. Let’s show our doubt that we won’t allow it to make us turn against ourselves even more than we already have. When we feel doubt about the future of our recovery, for example, let’s challenge it by asking ourselves if we really have anything to fear. Do we really have reason to believe we can’t be successful? Even if we’ve relapsed in the past, that doesn’t mean we necessarily will again. We’re stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We have more power to create success in our lives than we think we do. Let’s explore our doubts rather than giving into them. Let’s question the things our doubts are telling us and making us believe.

When we feel skeptical, cynical and pessimistic, it is often because we have unresolved fears we have yet to address. What is our doubt trying to teach us? Maybe we’re meant to learn to practice having more faith in ourselves no matter what difficult situations or circumstances might arise in our lives. Maybe we’re being instructed to work on believing in ourselves and our recovery more, no matter how much we might have doubted ourselves in the past.

The more we explore our doubts, the more we clear the stagnant, toxic energy they’ve been carrying and storing within us, and the more we make room for possibilities to present themselves to us, for opportunities to come to us, and for blessings to manifest in our lives.

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