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How Can I Overcome Negative Thinking Patterns?

Imagine a big upcoming event that you are excited about. You wake up early, and the anticipation is intense. Then you get a call, and your date has to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Your mind starts with one negative thought, which spirals into a negative thinking pattern. You find yourself not excited anymore but dreading this event. Does this sound familiar to you?

With just one simple thought, you have the power to transform your mind into a positive or negative space. All too often, the negative space pops up before you are aware of your negative thinking patterns. This can lead you down a road of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or even a possible relapse.

Luckily, you have the power to overcome your negative thinking patterns. This article will provide healthy coping skills to manage negative thinking patterns.

What Causes My Negative Thinking Patterns?

Negative thinking has many different causes, including stress, worry, anxiety, and depression. In addition, you may be focusing on past trauma or wrongdoings. Although many people have negative thinking patterns from time to time, constant negative thinking can distort your thoughts about the world around you. This can make you feel hopeless or constantly remind you of all the times you failed.

There is no single cause of negative thinking patterns. The driver of the negative thought will depend much on your external/internal factors, value/belief system, triggers, and current situation. Whatever is at the root of your negative thinking patterns, you can take steps to empower yourself to overcome them.

How to Stop Negative Patterns of Thinking

When something is bothering you, trying to eliminate the thoughts is easier said than done. It can be challenging to separate yourself and the emotions that come with the thoughts. Being in that space of mind, where you are rehashing the event over and over is counterproductive. Not to mention, it can make you even more emotional than when you initially thought.

Several healthy coping skills can ease the burden of negative thinking patterns. You must realize that you are in control of your thoughts. Once you recognize negative thought patterns, you can work to overcome them. All it takes is a distraction and a dose of confidence.

  • Practice gratitude: When those pesky negative thoughts surface, try changing them into something that you are grateful for.
  • Journal: Grab a pen and paper. Start writing your thoughts and feelings. Journaling helps you reflect on growth within your recovery and thought patterns.
  • Keep positive people: Have you ever noticed that misery loves company? Perhaps you need to recognize the people within your circle. Are they positive or negative? How are they helping you to be the best version of yourself?
  • Exercise: You do not have to pay to have an expensive gym membership to manage your thinking patterns. All you have to do is get moving. You get to choose how much or when.

Talk It Out

Sometimes the simplest things will help reframe negative thinking patterns. Maybe you need to speak to a professional individual therapist. Talk therapy is one of the oldest approaches for the exploration of thoughts and feelings.

Understanding that you are not alone in this journey is half the battle. Discussing your thought processes with a professional who has an objective point of view can steer you in the right direction. You will gain an ally and a lifetime of knowledge.

Reframe the Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is a habit; like all habits, it takes time and energy to break. When you recognize those negative thinking patterns, flip them into positive thoughts. You have the power to reframe your “stinking thinking” with positivity. Additionally, you can immediately say a positive out loud when you catch yourself being negative.

To change a behavior, you must first recognize when you are engaging in this behavior. Just as you are in control of your recovery, you are in control of changing your thought processes. It takes time and effort. However, you have already taken the first step to change.

Wrapping up With Positivity

Positivity is not an instant cure for all of your problems. However, it does promote overall wellness and well-being. Research suggests a link between positivity and being in tune with yourself and others. When you cultivate a space of positivity, you are generating an energy flow within your life.

Maybe you have been the type of person who looks at all the negative and only sees negativity. This does not mean that the world is negative; it means you see the negative parts. Practicing positive thinking can be a game changer within your world. Understanding that you give the power of your thoughts with what you dwell on can help you see negative thinking patterns from a different perspective.

You have the power to change any space that you want. The act of being in recovery and changing your whole life is just one example of your courage. Don’t allow negative thoughts to consume you.

Thinking in a negative pattern can be stressful for the human body. You have come a long way in your life, and you know that this is one thing that is hard to overcome. Understanding that you have complete control of your thoughts is half the battle. Knowing that you can change them is the rest. It can be easy to dismiss your negative thoughts. However, you are sick and tired of living this way. At The Guest House, we understand your frustration and want the best for you. We hire and train the best professionals to meet you right where you are at. Give us a call at (855) 483-7800 today.