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shynessShyness is not a bad thing. Some of us are naturally more reserved than others. Shyness can be thought of as an uncomfortable, tense, or even awkward internal feeling when in social situations. To an extent, most people have felt shy at one point or another in life. For some people, though, shyness can affect daily life. It can interfere with relationships, meeting new people, employment, and overall well-being. 

If you are struggling with intense shyness, know that you are not alone. While seeking professional help will help you to determine underlying trauma or mental health challenges that contribute to your shyness, here are a few things to keep in mind as you work through these feelings.

Don’t Focus on Social Acceptance

Feeling a sense of belonging is important. We all want to be accepted and liked. However, if you constantly focus on being accepted, focusing on that acceptance may make you begin to worry and feel more anxious. If you are meeting new people or are in new situations, try to relax, be yourself, and naturally connect with those similar to you. 

Roleplay Ahead of Time

If you suffer from extreme shyness, you may avoid social situations altogether, leading to isolation. Isolation can have profoundly negative effects on mental health. One way to work through these feelings of shyness is to role-play social situations. Think of this as practicing with those you feel comfortable with. 

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

We grow the most when we step outside of our comfort zones. Doing so can be scary, however, and even overwhelming. Try to start with small steps and work towards a larger goal. 

Surround Yourself With Supportive People

If you feel extremely awkward or uncomfortable in certain situations, try to surround yourself with people you feel comfortable with. Surrounding yourself with people who support you will help to give you confidence and courage as you step outside of your comfort zone. 


Many people consider themselves shy. This is a normal feeling. However, when these feelings of shyness begin to affect daily life, it might be time to start working on them. If you begin to avoid certain situations over the fear of emotional discomfort, there could be layers of trauma or mental health challenges underneath. Emotions can be hard to fully understand because of how complex and unique we all are. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you gain the skills and tools necessary to face your challenges and grow as a healthy person. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.