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We all feel anxious at times. You may find yourself in a social setting not knowing anyone, in an awkward atmosphere, or where you are unsure who to talk with or where to go. For many people, these feelings are temporary, ones that can be worked through and not cause too much distress or discomfort. However, for those suffering from social anxiety, these interactions could be debilitating and overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you face your social anxiety. 


Acknowledge Your Feelings


If you are feeling anxious, you could be feeling other emotions as well. Hit pause and try to analyze what you are feeling and experiencing. You cannot learn to face your struggles until you acknowledge you have them. Often, mental health issues are complicated. Reach out to a mental health professional for help and support. 


Role-Play Social Situations


Social situations can be difficult. Placing yourself in a vulnerable position with other people can be stressful and scary. Role-playing is a perfect way to practice our responses in a safe setting with people with whom we feel comfortable. Role-play lets you experiment with your responses in comfort. 


Create Goals


Fear can stifle our growth. When we are fearful, we may not even try to socialize. We may even go as far as to avoid situations altogether. Social anxiety can be intense; it can feel overwhelming and debilitating and can make us begin to isolate and keep to ourselves. One helpful technique for coping with social anxiety is to create goals. Where do you want to see your comfort level? What do you want to do socially? How do you want to grow as a person? Goals are excellent motivators. They help us to keep on track and keep moving forward. 


Everyone has anxiety; however, those with social anxiety may have debilitating anxiety. Luckily, you can overcome your social anxiety. You can learn skills and tools to power through even the toughest of challenges. Social anxiety can make us avoid situations and change our plans. Try to remember your goals and what you are striving for. We are all on unique paths and need support to help us face our struggles. Here at The Guest House, we have helped many people just like you gain the skills and tools necessary to work through their challenges head-on. Call us today to learn more about the support we can offer you and our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.