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How Can We Use Our Intuition to Help Ourselves Heal?

When we are caught in the self-destructive, self-harming cycles of addiction, one thing we often fail to do is listen to our intuition. For some of us, our intuition is connected to our higher power and is a manifestation of the creative life force. For others of us, our intuition is our moral compass. For some, it’s the voice of our higher spiritual self. Really our intuition can be a combination thereof, whatever we feel it is. The problem often lies in the fact that not only do we not listen to our intuition, but we also reject what it’s telling us. We hear our inner voice issuing warnings all the time, and we ignore them. We receive signs that we feel are divine guidance, but then we go against them and refuse to heed their call. We get pulled in certain directions and called to do certain things, but we go against what we instinctively know is right, what is best for us. We pick up the drug when our intuition is pleading with us to put it down. We keep drinking when we’re being called to stop. We stay in the abusive relationship we know is killing us. Our most destructive habits, namely our addictions, are often the ones our intuition is most trying to show us we need to discontinue and shed from our lives.

When we don’t follow our intuition, we weaken our connection to ourselves. We damage our spirits. We chip away at our inner strength, our resilience, our sound judgment, and our ability to be good to ourselves. When we practice listening to our intuition and following its guidance, we begin to repair our relationship with our inner selves. We strengthen and amplify our inner voice so that it becomes easier to hear. The next time it’s trying to get our attention, we’re more likely to listen and heed the call. How do we listen to our intuition?

That voice within that we’re used to trying to drown out, usually with our drugs of choice, that voice that’s persistent, that sometimes feels like it’s nagging us in a direction we don’t want to go in because it’s the more challenging or difficult one, the voice that we can instinctively tell is linked to our hearts and not being fed by our fears, that is the voice we want to listen to. Let’s get quiet within ourselves so that we can better hear it and feel it so that we can be guided and supported by it. Let’s use meditation, yoga, energy healing, mindfulness practices, breathing exercises and writing to help clear our minds and achieve more stillness, spaciousness, and quiet within ourselves. The more we can achieve calm and peace within ourselves, the more attuned we become to our intuition, and the easier it becomes to follow. As we begin to do what it tells us to do, we find ourselves being led down the path of healing and self-exploration. We get to know ourselves even better. We become more self-loving. We empower ourselves to heal the addictive patterns that have been hurting us for so long.

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