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How Come I Still Feel Sad Now that I am Sober

The potential happiness that someone hopes for when they get sober can be cut short with the onset of sadness and depression. Getting blind-sided by sadness in early recovery is a common experience. Unfortunately, this is the complete opposite of what we expected to find in sobriety. While sobriety can make a person happy, joyous, and free, it can also be confusing sorting through the past. The initial withdrawal from these substances can also create hopelessness, anxiety, anguish, and grief. The loss of drugs and alcohol can be unfathomable because they had become an essential coping mechanism in our past.

With all of these mixed emotions taking effect, a person may question why they are still so sad and why they should stay sober in the first place. Having these stressors could lead them right back to a drink or drug instead of using their recovery to help them combat the sorrow.

Ask for Help

Some of the discontentedness you feel definitely has to do with untreated addiction. Still, you could also be looking at the evolution of mental health issues. A mental health professional could be instrumental in alleviating the symptoms of your sadness. Now that you are in recovery, you never have to do anything alone again. You have help at your fingertips. All you have to do is ask someone you trust for guidance, and you will receive some practical measures to implement into your life. Without admitting that you need help, you will not be able to make the necessary changes.

Take the Action

For anything to change, you have to put actions into motion to help you achieve whatever changes you need to make. Although you may think you do not have the energy to pursue a better solution, you do. You may be instructed to exercise, be of service, go to a meeting, get into your step work, use therapy, or meditate. The point is to distract yourself so that you can use positive measures to make you feel better rather than continue to be sad.

When you receive help from a healthcare professional, they will be able to see if you are suffering from a co-occurring disorder and not just an addiction. Getting help for both depression and addiction together can give you a leg up to deal with both. Eventually, you will become gratified and sober at the same time.

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