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Many types of meditation can offer a holistic approach to breathing techniques. The practice of breathwork involves using controlled breathing as a means to gain access to your inner consciousness. Breathwork uses breathing exercises that are meant to reduce symptoms of mental health issues, including trauma-induced substance abuse, process addiction, anxiety, or depression.

With each breath, you are being taught how to manipulate your breathing through inhaling awareness and exhaling any negativity. With tons of healthy results that benefit the mind, the body, and soul, breathwork could create the breakthrough you are looking for.

Trust the Process

You may find it hard to let yourself go with breathing techniques in front of others but give it your best shot. Breaking down your walls and becoming vulnerable is the goal of breathwork. You will exhibit colossal growth and self-improvement from opening yourself up to become aware of the stream consciousness.

The point of breathwork is to direct your healing towards loving behaviors with yourself and among others while inspiring your creativity. By learning how to implement breathing techniques during a facilitated session, you can also start using your breathing to relax in stressful situations outside of your sessions.

Let Yourself Be Seen

As you become vulnerable in your breathing, you should become vulnerable around others. Instead of staying guarded so that others cannot judge you or hurt you, allow yourself to be seen by revealing your soul to them. There is nothing more beautiful than being able to open yourself up to show the transformation of your recovery.

At first, this may seem awkward and unpleasant, but the more you safely allow others in, you will find more freedom than you can imagine. While breathwork may not be for everyone, you should try this holistic therapy to see if it will assist in arresting the pain of your trauma and give you a chance to find relief in your recovery.

Clearing your headspace, opening your heart, warming up your soul, and making room for positive energy is what you will achieve with breathwork. Recovery is all about empowering yourself to feel better overall, and through carrying out the attributes of breathwork, you will see differences taking place that will enhance your life.

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