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How to Reconnect with Your Body After Trauma

Trauma has a way of making us wish we could switch bodies with someone, since the physical and psychological effects of trauma still stay with us—even years later. If you experienced a physical assault, the body can be a constant reminder. Part of our trauma is stored in our body, so it is important to find ways that you can love your body again, ultimately allowing you to better heal and move forward.

Take a Bath

Take a bath or a shower to allow the hot water to flow over your body. Enjoy the process of washing yourself, as you are the only one who can. Take your time while you bathe yourself to better appreciate your body and the fact that you are still in one piece. Pay attention to what is going on with your body and do some deep breathing in the process.


When you go through trauma, your body reacts with rapid, shallow breaths. This type of breathing goes back to the nervous system, which causes stress and tension. One technique that may help put you at ease is to put your hand on your chest and do some deep breathing.

As you feel your heartbeat, you know it is pounding, and you should be able to tell how fast it is going depending on your breathing. Try to allow that heartbeat to slow down with your breathing, and become mellow.

Get Active

Find a physical activity that you enjoy, so you are not fighting the body as you do it. It can be something like walking, swimming, dancing, or any other activity to get your heart pumping. Make sure you do this activity slowly and easily so you can enjoy every minute. Notice every limb working together to move through this activity.


If your body is experiencing a trigger, do not try to push it aside and ignore it. Listen to your body and see what it wants you to do. Ask yourself why you are experiencing this intense anxiety and what the next move should be to take care of yourself.

By speaking to a therapist, you can tell him or her what your body is telling you as you listen to it. Your body acts as a carrier to your mind. You are the only one who can take care of your body, going forward. By becoming friends with your body and reconnecting with it, every part of you can get through this trauma together.

There are many ways to reconnect with your body following a traumatic experience. At The Guest House, we work with our clients to find a treatment that best meets their needs. We provide care for addiction and mental illness caused by trauma. Some of our treatment options include individualized and group therapy, breath work, equine therapy, art therapy, grief therapy, and cinema therapy mindfulness. Call us today at (855) 876-3884 to learn more about our programs.